The toolkit is aimed at policy-makers, human resources for health (HRH) planners and professionals, and other stakeholders, such as education institutions and those implementing policy. It is intended to support Towards a sustainable health workforce in the WHO European Region: framework for action, which adapts the Global strategy on human resources for health: workforce 2030 to the context of the WHO European Region. It is framed around four strategic domains mirroring the themes of the global strategy – education and performance, planning and investment, capacity-building, and analysis and monitoring – and proposes policy options and implementation modalities. The toolkit is formulated to provide Member States with information and signpost to practical materials, such as HRH assessment, policy and planning tools, analytical approaches and case studies, to support their efforts to strengthen HRH in a sustainable way, including through investment in capital and recurrent expenditure. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list or compendium.


WHO Toolkit