The “Support for the health workforce planning and forecasting expert network” joint tender is a new action in the field of European health workforce planning. The action supported by the Health programme of the European Union and is to establish an expert network on health workforce planning and forecasting.

The purpose of this joint tender is to sustain cross-country cooperation and provide support to Member States to increase their knowledge, improve their tools and succeed in achieving a higher effectiveness in health workforce planning processes and policy. It builds on the results and work undertaken by the Joint Action on European Health Workforce Planning and Forecasting (EU JAHWF) and aims to further contribute to health workforce planning and forecasting agenda in Europe.

The joint tender will:

  • WP1 – organise expert networking to structure and exchange knowledge in the area of health workforce planning and forecasting and provide a forum to address health workforce challenges;
  • WP2 – map national health workforce policies in EU-28;
  • WP3 – transfer knowledge and good practices on health workforce through the organisation of European workshops;
  • WP4 – provide tailor-made country specific support to some countries on the national implementation of health workforce planning;
  • WP5 – publicise and document these actions on the web.


The joint tender was launched in September 2017 (Service Contract Number 2016 73 01) and is becoming an important driver for expertise and knowledge sharing on health workforce.

The contract was awarded to the Joint Tenderer consisting of Semmelweis University, the University of Leuven (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven), the Italian Ministry of Health (Ministero della Salute), the Italian National Agency for Regional Health Services (AGENAS), and the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME).