SEPEN Joint Tender has come to the end of its duration and now launching the publication of its findings. Browse our website and access the main findings of SEPEN with the recommendations that are based on the evidence and experiences we gathered in the last three years. The executive summary focusses on the key results, main achievements and future considerations.

In addition, access the new “SEPEN Health Workforce Planning and Policy Repository” and download the SEPEN Final study of the “Mapping of national health workforce planning and policies in the EU-28”. The study aims to provide a general overview, a detailed description and an updated summary of the health workforce planning systems and policies in the 27 EU Member States plus UK. The mapping study is an essential tool for supporting evidence-based health workforce planning and policies across the EU.

Hereby, SEPEN thanks again for all experts and colleagues, who contributed to SEPEN activities.


SEPEN Executive Summary in English

SEPEN Executive Summary in French

SEPEN Health Workforce Planning and Policy Repository