“Foresee, adapt, transform – Building the European health and social care systems of the future”

While the COVID-19 pandemic is still on-going, many will continue to respond to the immediate needs of the crisis. It is, however, time to look beyond the immediate response and consider how we must approach long-term recovery and to start building the health and social care systems of the future.

Health and care systems are complex and to ensure their profound transformation, we need to work parallel on several matters: healthcare workforce, community carers, medical products, infrastructures, technology, governance, and leadership.

Regional and local health authorities have been working on the transformation of the health and social care systems over the years to promote this shift towards a sustainable approach that leaves no-one behind. Many innovations, both in terms of policies and services, are happening at territorial level and revolve around topics such as integrated care, value-based healthcare, eHealth, reforms of primary care, and cross-border cooperation. There is a need to scale-up knowledge at the EU level and to reinforce governance and leadership at all levels.

Speakers include:

  • Nick Batey, Chair, EUREGHA;
  • Prof. Andrea Renda, Senior Research Fellow CEPS, Strategy Director
    PERISCOPE project – Pan-European Response to the ImpactS of COVID-19
    and future Pandemics and Epidemics
  • Maya Matthews, Head of Unit B1 Performance of Health Systems, DG SANTE, European Commission;
  • Prof. Jan De Maeseneer, Chair, European Commission Expert Panel on Effective Ways of investing in health;
  • Brian O’Connor – Chair – European Connected Health Alliance;
  • Ana Carriazo, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Health of Andalusia, Reference Site Collaborative Network;
  • Giovanni Gorgoni, CEO, Agenzia Regionale Strategica per la Salute e Il Sociale Puglia;
  • Solvejg Wallyn, Policy Officer, Agency Care and Public Health, Flemish Community;
  • Andrea Pavlickova, International Engagement Manager, TEC and Digital Healthcare Innovation, Scottish Government.