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Tailored advice and guidance update

SEPEN joint tender is organising a number of interventions in the coming months.

Upon their express of interest, several EU Member States have accepted to receive advice and guidance from the SEPEN experts network;  the first successful intervention has already taken place in Lithuania on 26-28 February 2020 and further discussions are being run with several other MS.

The above three countries expressed interest in having a SEPEN intervention in order to gain expertise in development of health workforce planning and policy making at national and local/regional level.

Steps of an intervention in general

The tasks of the exchanges of expertise will cover the following main phases of activities to be completed within approximately five months:

  1. Definition of the needs: The Member State will express its needs which will enable the choice of the appropriate intervention and adapt the offer to the needs. The “Toolkit on Health Workforce Planning” will support the Member State in identifying the needs and selecting the area of interventions. The needs will be turned into an operational action plan of intervention.
  2. Organisation: The joint tenderer will prepare and execute the expertise exchange by providing experts from the Network and organising the workshop/training/peer reviewing with the national/local experts and policy makers from the Member State.
  3. Follow-up: A follow-up activity will be scheduled to monitor the appropriate changes.

In the case of Lithuania, the definition of the needs has been carried out, the date and type of intervention is selected.

In the other two cases preparation and definition of the needs is ongoing.


Expert consultation for workshop 5

Expert consultation for workshop 5 has been closed